Monday, 22 October 2018


IT is highly possible – and most likely – that at some point you'll feel isolated. And want to read another blogger's rantings. I enjoy Joe Botha at His motto: "Be Awesome. Do More Epic Shit." My thoughts precisely.

Right now, I'm blogging in my car with lekker through-breezes to counteract the blistering heat of the day. Cape Town reached a high of 36 degrees C today, from a low of 22. Love, love, love this weather. [I have Free State origins.] Wanna go running in it, heat-training vibe, tomorrow after a client meeting at 10am.

My son is asleep in the car after a Woolies shop for his school snacks. He's a growing boy, so insisted on gums and crisps and then passed out en route home. I have a half-glass of sav blanc on ice to keep me company while I blog. Eish, being the operative word.

I see the way typos crop up into blogging. The predictive text Fockers just changed "eish" to "wish" above. And, I had to go back and correct the "eish" in this sentence twice. ;-)

Today things were quiet in my inbox, which I detest. Especially because, when some of my jobs are wound up, I get paid immediately. But a R2,4k commission came in, and I pretty much nailed it today, barring the comment I need from Bowwood Baby Clinic. It was a parenting piece; say no more.

Plans for tomorrow include:

• taking son to school
• heading to meeting at a larney hotel
• hopefully, being able to increase the retainer I do for said client (times are tough!)
• swimming lengths at the neighbourhood pool or running on the track (weather and mood dependant) thereafter
• finishing off retainer client reports with a view to completing invoicing by 26 Oct (that being the last working Friday of the month, and payday, IMHO)

Hope your eve holds cocktails on a beautiful beach with your sexiest person, and a taste of relaxing memory loss thereafter.


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